How to Buy a New and a used iPhone 8

Smartphone is more and more various. However, the best smartphone is still from Apple that is iPhone 8. That is why the interest of people in this smartphone is never reduced. The only problem is the high price. However, you can also consider buying the used one for the lower price. Whether you want to buy it new or used, you have to know the tips so that you will get the best and desired one. So, you need to pay attention to the following buying guides.

How to Buy a Used iPhone

Buying a used iPhone should be more careful than buying the new one. The condition becomes one of the biggest reasons. So, you have to make sure that it is still in a good condition even though it is not new. To get the best one, you may need to consider the following tips below:

  1. Recommended iPhone

The first tip relates to the type or model. In fact, this smartphone from Apple comes in various types and model. It is not a good idea to buy outdated model. So, I recommend you to know the new model and type. For example, it will be a good idea to buy iPhone 6 or the newer type. Of course, the price will be higher than the older model. However, of course it is more accepted in today’s era.

  1. Make Sure that It Is Still Guaranteed

A new smartphone is always protected by warranty. However, a used one is not always covered with warranty. It is usually because the warranty is not valid anymore. So, if you want to buy a used smartphone, you have to make sure that it is still guaranteed. Therefore, you also need to know the code of each country. For example, the code for iPhone in Singapore is ZP/A, Australia is X/A, America is LL/A, etc. You may also need to know the IMEI number because it can be used to check the condition of the iPhone including the warranty.

  1. Check the Physical Condition

When you buy an iPhone especially a used one, you cannot do it carelessly. You have to check the physical condition carefully. You need to check the Home button and its responsiveness. Besides that, you should also check the Power button whether it still works or not. Then, you also have to check the earphone function. Next, make sure that the charger and USB cable can still function well. You also must check the jack audio. Lastly, the speaker should also be checked. You may also consider checking other iPhone parts to make sure that everything is still in a good condition.

  1. Check the Features

To make sure that everything is ok, you also need to check the features. There are many important features that you must check. The first is the screen responsiveness. After that, you should check the sensor light ambient. Then, you also must check the connectivity including GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and of course mobile data. In addition, you also have to check the camera feature such as Flash, auto focus, etc. Lastly, make sure that the battery is still health. To check it, you should go to Settings menu and then choose “General”. Then, tap on “Usage” and lastly choose “Battery Usage”.

  1. Check the Software

After checking the iPhone physically, now you must check the software. You have to make sure that the iCloud should have been reset. To check it, you can go to Settings menu and then choose “iCloud”. Then, make sure that it is empty. Besides that, you also make sure that the account of Find My iPhone has been deleted. Go to Settings menu, tap “iCloud” choose “Find My iPhone” and turn it off. After that, go to Setting and choose “General” and tap “Reset”. Lastly, tap on “Erase All Content and Setting”.

How to Buy a New iPhone 8

If you have more budgets, it will be better to buy a new iPhone 8 User Guide. Buying new is easier than buying the used one. However, it does not mean that you can buy it carelessly. You still need to know the following buying guides. There are some tips that you have to consider.  To learn more about new Apple device please visit iPhone X Manual website.

  1. Buy at the Authorized Retailer or Store

Firstly, you have to make sure that you buy your desired Apple iPhone at an authorized retailer or store. There are so many authorized retailers or stores spread over the world in different countries. If you buy it at an authorized retailer or store, the product is certainly original and the warranty is also trusted. That is why this is the most important tip in buying smartphone.

  1. Check the IMEI Number

Every product of Apple smartphone has its own IMEI number. Before buying it, you have to know about the iPhone IMEI first. This IMEI number is very important to check whether the product is original or not. Besides that, it can also check about the warranty. You need this IMEI number especially if you want to buy it at non-authorized retailer or store. After you get information that everything is ok from IMEI, you should pay attention to the next tip.

  1. Pay Attention to the Country Code of iPhone

iPhone has different codes based on the country. You have to make sure that the code is appropriate for your own country. It will be useless if your iPhone has warranty from foreign country. If you live or buy it in America, you have to make sure that the code is LL/A as the code of iPhone in America. If you buy and live in Singapore, the iPhone code should be ZP/A. And your country has its own code. You can find the code by searching on the internet easily.

  1. Do Not Refurbished iPhone

Refurbished iPhone looks new. However, the quality is much different. You have to be careful because refurbished smartphone is usually priced much more affordably. In fact, new Apple smartphone is never sold with low price. So, you have to be careful if there is a store that offers an iPhone product with low price. That is why I always recommend you to buy it at the authorized retailer or store only.

  1. Make Sure that It Has Apple Standard Quality

Refurbished iPhone is the spoilage of Apple iPhone that has been analyzed and repaired by Apple. Then it is tested again and sold again with the lower price. So, the quality must be same. On the other words, it has Apple standard quality. However, refurbished iPhone should be bought at the authorized refurbished Apple iPhone store.

  1. Understand the Warranty

Of course, it is very important to buy an Apple smartphone that is protected by warranty. However, there are some types of warranty. The highest warranty is authorized warranty from Apple. Besides that, there is also warranty from distributor. Even more, there is also store warranty where the warrant is from the store where you buy it. The length of the warranty is certainly different. However, I always recommend you to prioritize the authorized warranty from Apple, the manufacturer.

  1. Make Sure that It Offers Original Accessories

After you make sure that the Apple smartphone is original, now you also need to make sure that the accessories are also original. As we know, non-original accessories can cause problem on your iPhone. The accessories included in the box when you buy it usually include Charger, Ear-pods, battery, etc. It does not matter whether you buy a new iPhone or refurbished one because either of them is from Apple originally and protected by the manufacturer warranty.

How to Buy iPhone Online

Sometimes, buying online is easier. That is why there are many people who prefer buying online to buying on store. You can also buy iPhone via online. However, of course you must be careful. So, you must follow these rules:

  1. Buy on a Trusted Online Store

Firstly, you have to make sure that you only buy it on a trusted online store. You can see it from the popularity. Make sure that the online store also offers warranty or refund so that if the product is not appropriate, you can return it and the money will be refund.

  1. Decide the Condition of Your Desired iPhone

Secondly, you must decide the iPhone condition. I suggest you to buy the new one. However, you can also consider buying refurbished or even used iPhone. However, the condition should be still good and guaranteed.

  1. Ask for Warranty

You must read the product details as careful as possible. Make sure that the product you buy is protected by warranty. You also need to see the review from the buyers whether they are satisfied or not.

That is all the tips and buying guides of iPhone that you have to know. This can keep you away from deception. Hopefully, you will also be satisfied by getting what you need. So, whenever you want to buy Apple iPhone, you have to pay attention to those tips.

iPhone 8 should be bought carefully whether you want to buy the new or used one. You should also be more careful when buying online.


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Both Forbes and the Financial Times are sources that are trusted, so we’re undoubtedly anticipating the newest iPhone 7 to contain the new eSIM standard in its build. The Galaxy Note 5 will be the first in the Android world to don’t have any SIM slot in regards to Samsung. 3 LTE and G will likely be a great deal more accessible to all those changing amounts or carriers, as well as the chances including sealed chassis for more apparatus will surely grow, although smartphone enthusiasts favor removable batteries and removable rear panels. The iPhone 7 should do just fine with the brand new standard too since that is not true with Apple fans. The problem with this particular theory is an understanding between producers and the carriers involved in the eSIM job hasn’t been reached yet.

That opens up lots of chances for smartphone makers, consumers along with carriers if we think about it. Having no SIM card smartphones would mean that jailbreaking and unlocking iPhone Samsung and 7 components of the future will soon not be up-to-date. Also, changing between carriers will probably not be a lot more difficult although the carrier in question will most probably reap most benefits from using this move. With the eSIM move, the iPhone 7 might as well abandon all interfaces and switch to wireless and come with Bluetooth earpieces rather than the rudimentary pressure machine wired cans, although Apple hasn’t been affectionate of slots until now.



When it comes to Galaxy Note 5, which has begun its production cycle according to rumors, it is not likely that we’ll experience the first SIMless apparatus in its kind. Nevertheless, the business is praising the initiative as a more versatile, and more eco-friendly technology that will work in the advantage of every party involved, for example, the user. We’ll keep you guys updated on who is in it, aside from the businesses and policies of carriers will likely be impacted by the change when the deal is finalized. Until then, we are going to need to await the iPhone 7 to actually see it occur.

Samsung is intending to release its new Galaxy Note cell phone earlier than normal this year, according to a fresh report from The Wall Street Journal. While its new Note mobiles are usually unveiled by Samsung in late August or September, the organization will probably transfer up that statement to mid-August to get out its new mobile before Apple announces its next iPhone. This is not the first time we have learned that Samsung had intended to move its statement regarding its next Note cell phone up.

Samsung’s line of Galaxy Note mobiles is the largest rival to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. Samsung has been releasing big-display cellphones in the United States for the past few years since 2011, and Apple released its first bigger iPhone to compete in that space with Samsung last year. Based on leaks and various rumours, it seems like Apple and Samsung are intending to keep their forthcoming large-screened mobiles the same size. Leaks additionally indicate the Galaxy Note 5 will seem a lot such as the Galaxy Note 4, except it’ll apparently be made of metal and glass just such as Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy S6. This implies the brand new Note may not come with a replaceable battery, which might anger some Samsung fans that enjoy having the option of swapping out their cellphone’s battery or an SD card slot or back cover. Yet, that means the phone will appear and feel finer than Samsung’s previous mobiles, which have been criticised before for their plastic layouts.


The general beta of iOS 9 provides iPad and iPhone users their initial opportunity to comprehend something shifts Apple own in the market for the following primary version of its personal portable operating system. And though you will definitely need to use anytime with the modern Proactive Helper of such marquee add-ons as the News program and iOS, most of the questions that next connecting the beta are insignificant, you will initially see, unheralded changes which make iOS easier to use. Here are the improvements and add-ons — remarkable that Apple has discussed up which have overwhelmed us the usual, after spending some time using iOS 9. Apple lets programs that show video do so even when they are not the main program that is open. In the public beta, you just actually see this at work in Safari as well as the Videos program, but there should not be anything from adding support for this attribute, also, preventing Major League Baseball or Netflix.


Split Screen mode is the large one — this iOS 9 attribute lets two programs run concurrently in various parts of the display that is iPad. By using Slide Over to run an app in Split Screen, you really begin. Your iPad will begin showing two rectangles, one for one for the Slide Over program and the now running program. Keep dragging to establish the width of both programs. You can have them share the display 50/50, or have one of them be broader another narrower. the and (It is possible to alter the width at any given time by simply touching and dragging that handle.)

To alter the program on the right side, as you’d with Slide Overdo, and drag the handle on the head of the display down to get a listing of other programs. To alter the program on the left side, tap the Home button and just start another program from the house screen. In case Split Screen is supported by the program, it will start to your old right -side program still observable; it will seem all by its lonesome, if it does not. Solicit on the video window to reveal a button that the source program and brings back the video into fullscreen mode, a pause button, as well as a close button. Pat on the brand new Picture in Picture icon in the bottom right of a video player to input Picture in Picture mode. The video zooms back until it is a little floating window like your own preview video seems when you are using FaceTime on iOS. Now you can change to other programs, as well as the video will keep playing. You can also slide it largely off the screen if it is briefly in the manner, and playback (including sound) will continue. It is not unlikely as you can see just three programs at a time in this perspective to be a contentious change on the iPhone. As for me, I do not feel as if it cramps my navigational fashion and enjoy the appearance.



The new Slide of calling iOS 9 Over attribute multitasking might be deceiving, however just a few. Push upper lets you retain a program arranging just above the correct bottom of your layout, prepared to work on a minute’s notice. It’s possible for you to use various programs generally, however when you swipe your thumb off the proper border of the iPad display, the other program slides over (thus the sign) to approximately the right part of your cover. It is dimmed, suggesting that it is not the center of your consciousness right now, although your other program is running. Sure, for many people, the iPad is a thin back type of appliance, for reading novels, viewing films and playing with programs. For others, however, it is a productivity machine that is serious; I know numerous people that make use of the iPad to get work done. Together with the introduction of numerous new multitasking characteristics this autumn, the iPad is going to choose a major step forward with iOS 9, due as a free upgrade. Here’s a look at those attributes that are new will function, predicated on the recently published iOS 9 public beta.

You may use it wherever it was the sole program running when an app is slid out. Simply clutch the holder on its left surface when you are done and wipe it back the border off. Your other program responds to absolute brightness and you are immediately wherever you start off. To select a program to be used in push Over, swipe it wide. Should you haven’t designated a program since push Over, you will be assisted with a record of programs that are cooperative including the attribute. You can alter it by swiping down of the grip in the very peak of the program if there is already an app running in Slide Over. Not every program in your iPad command shows up in the scrolling listing of push Over programs. Programmers of three company programs will need to change their programs to add push Over assistance. When you locate the program you need to work in push Over, simply delegate on its icon and it will start. That is it — now you are utilizing it in push Over method. Swipe at it continuously to the right to rotate the focus to your preceding program.



iOS has had multitasking for quite a little while now — programs can run (briefly) in the backdrop, and may even awaken and perform activities in the backdrop. What iOS has not offered before is the ability to show two programs at the same time. With iOS 9, this really is not impossible — to what extent depends upon the hardware you are using though. These new multitasking features are restricted to recent versions that were iPad while iOS 9 runs on identical apparatus which could run iOS 8. Nevertheless, the new Split View attribute will just work on the iPad Air 2. (Though you are able to anticipate that any new iPads declared after this year will probably support all these attributes.)

When I’m using my iPhone’s built-in a helper in big part since I have located previous variations of Siri to be unforgiving in regards to the way you phrase a request. And as someone having a slight stammer, I Have discovered Siri to be somewhat impatient with any kind of verbal tic. But Siri has gotten smarter over time, comprehension things like circumstance. At June’s Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple showed off Siri can bring up photographs keyed to particular times and locations. It is a helpful change that enables Siri to get the info that you want more fast. Now if she could just be tolerant of my stammer.


Apple kickstarted its public beta software with its OS X desktop computer operating system. Signing to the Public Beta software needs an Apple ID. The iPhone and iPad applications are incomplete, so some attributes or programs might not operate as expected (or at all). Apple needs beta users to report any bugs or errors while employing the operating system, you stumble across. It’s possible for you to join to the iOS 9 beta software here. Apple is intending to introduce a slew of tweaks and incremental upgrades in iOS 9.

With Low Power Mode turned on – animated backgrounds, and background action, movement effects are disabled. Brightness reduced and networking rates are dimmed. Background downloads are frozen and Email is merely drawn manually. Earlier this month, a beta version of the brand new upgrade was released. This revolutionary redesign might be an ideal chance for Apple to introduce its patented solar technology. The coming iPhone 6S is anticipated to get a larger battery cell. The very first Apple merchandises to send with iOS 9 pre-installed are anticipated to be the iPhone 6S and the most recent iPad refresh.



The voice helper additionally boasts several proactive characteristic. Depending in your Settings, will attempt unknown amounts in your e-mail and indicate contacts when you get an incoming phone call. Siri certainly will adapt its behavior to satisfy you and learns your customs. Your iPhone will leap right into the music when you join your headset at the beginning of your day should you listen to music when you jog every morning. Additionally it is more context-conscious than ever before. Apple has also upgraded the Spotlight Search in iOS 9. Suggestions are now made by Siri to contact for folks – based on the time of where you are as well as day.

Users will soon have the ability to view videos from YouTube within the Spotlight search. Wireless communications circuitry carries the touch input signal to the outside gear utilizing the electrical power from the solar cell. Energy storage devices, for example, a battery, as well as a capacitor, may be charged utilizing the electrical power. It is worth noting that Apple has a custom of patenting each of its own creations. It is never made by a large proportion of these technologies out of the Cupertino Research and Development department. Yet – it’s been heavily rumored that Apple is preparing to remove physical Touch ID as well as the iconic, annular Home Button from the very front of the new iPhone 7. A pressure sensitive Force Touch screen will supposedly replace the physical button.



iOS 9 may also supply individuals who update with a battery life increase of up to an hour. The Cupertino company has set several intelligent applications tweaks in place to locate the additional hour of battery, including iPhones will use proximity and ambient light detectors to ascertain whether the smartphone is facedown on a table. In case it believes the phone is lying on its front, iOS 9 Won’t turn on the screen – when a brand new Notification is received. Battery information is now contained as a widget in the Notification Centre, that will contain the most recent percents from Apple Watch and your iOS apparatus. Apple will continue to battery pity third party programs in its settings. iOS 9 contains a more in-depth listing of which programs are emptying the electricity from your smartphone.

The search feature of the software’s has also been enhanced, now empowering users to see and leap right into programs from search results. Siri can also now be utilized to voice search for pictures on you apparatus. Apple has also added some cunning machine learning to its pictures program, which suggests you can request Siri to locate pictures “of me in San Francisco last year”. The company is calling the entire upgrade “Intelligence”.



Apple was granted a patent for solar cells like those used in Apple Watch screen, iPhone, iPad or a Macbook trackpad. Based on the US patent, the smartphone would be recharged by the solar panel that is concealed during the day. Sadly, the Apple patent is quite obscure in regards to the technology – which could supply a welcome battery increase to the company’s slew of power-hungry devices. Talking at the WWDC keynote, Craig Federighi described iPhone users frequently urgently toggle settings and choices to try and eek out a couple more hours when their battery percent drops to single digits. With Low Power Mode turned on – animated backgrounds, and background action, movement effects are disabled. Networking rate and luminosity are dimmed and reduced. Background downloads are frozen and Email is merely fetched. Solar cells may be utilized in Apple’s variety of desktop peripherals, for example, battery- Magic Trackpad reliant wireless Magic Mouse and computer keyboard, the patent shows.