How to Buy a New and a used iPhone 8

iPhone 8

Smartphone is more and more various. However, the best smartphone is still from Apple that is iPhone 8. That is why the interest of people in this smartphone is never reduced. The only problem is the high price. However, you can also consider buying the used one for the lower price. Whether you want to buy it new or used, you have to know the tips so that you will get the best and desired one. So, you need to pay attention to the following buying guides.

How to Buy a Used iPhone

Buying a used iPhone should be more careful than buying the new one. The condition becomes one of the biggest reasons. So, you have to make sure that it is still in a good condition even though it is not new. To get the best one, you may need to consider the following tips below:

  1. Recommended iPhone

The first tip relates to the type or model. In fact, this smartphone from Apple comes in various types and model. It is not a good idea to buy outdated model. So, I recommend you to know the new model and type. For example, it will be a good idea to buy iPhone 6 or the newer type. Of course, the price will be higher than the older model. However, of course it is more accepted in today’s era.

  1. Make Sure that It Is Still Guaranteed

A new smartphone is always protected by warranty. However, a used one is not always covered with warranty. It is usually because the warranty is not valid anymore. So, if you want to buy a used smartphone, you have to make sure that it is still guaranteed. Therefore, you also need to know the code of each country. For example, the code for iPhone in Singapore is ZP/A, Australia is X/A, America is LL/A, etc. You may also need to know the IMEI number because it can be used to check the condition of the iPhone including the warranty.

  1. Check the Physical Condition

When you buy an iPhone especially a used one, you cannot do it carelessly. You have to check the physical condition carefully. You need to check the Home button and its responsiveness. Besides that, you should also check the Power button whether it still works or not. Then, you also have to check the earphone function. Next, make sure that the charger and USB cable can still function well. You also must check the jack audio. Lastly, the speaker should also be checked. You may also consider checking other iPhone parts to make sure that everything is still in a good condition.

  1. Check the Features

To make sure that everything is ok, you also need to check the features. There are many important features that you must check. The first is the screen responsiveness. After that, you should check the sensor light ambient. Then, you also must check the connectivity including GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and of course mobile data. In addition, you also have to check the camera feature such as Flash, auto focus, etc. Lastly, make sure that the battery is still health. To check it, you should go to Settings menu and then choose “General”. Then, tap on “Usage” and lastly choose “Battery Usage”.

  1. Check the Software

After checking the iPhone physically, now you must check the software. You have to make sure that the iCloud should have been reset. To check it, you can go to Settings menu and then choose “iCloud”. Then, make sure that it is empty. Besides that, you also make sure that the account of Find My iPhone has been deleted. Go to Settings menu, tap “iCloud” choose “Find My iPhone” and turn it off. After that, go to Setting and choose “General” and tap “Reset”. Lastly, tap on “Erase All Content and Setting”.

How to Buy a New iPhone 8

If you have more budgets, it will be better to buy a new iPhone 8 User Guide. Buying new is easier than buying the used one. However, it does not mean that you can buy it carelessly. You still need to know the following buying guides. There are some tips that you have to consider.  To learn more about new Apple device please visit iPhone X Manual website.

  1. Buy at the Authorized Retailer or Store

Firstly, you have to make sure that you buy your desired Apple iPhone at an authorized retailer or store. There are so many authorized retailers or stores spread over the world in different countries. If you buy it at an authorized retailer or store, the product is certainly original and the warranty is also trusted. That is why this is the most important tip in buying smartphone.

  1. Check the IMEI Number

Every product of Apple smartphone has its own IMEI number. Before buying it, you have to know about the iPhone IMEI first. This IMEI number is very important to check whether the product is original or not. Besides that, it can also check about the warranty. You need this IMEI number especially if you want to buy it at non-authorized retailer or store. After you get information that everything is ok from IMEI, you should pay attention to the next tip.

  1. Pay Attention to the Country Code of iPhone

iPhone has different codes based on the country. You have to make sure that the code is appropriate for your own country. It will be useless if your iPhone has warranty from foreign country. If you live or buy it in America, you have to make sure that the code is LL/A as the code of iPhone in America. If you buy and live in Singapore, the iPhone code should be ZP/A. And your country has its own code. You can find the code by searching on the internet easily.

  1. Do Not Refurbished iPhone

Refurbished iPhone looks new. However, the quality is much different. You have to be careful because refurbished smartphone is usually priced much more affordably. In fact, new Apple smartphone is never sold with low price. So, you have to be careful if there is a store that offers an iPhone product with low price. That is why I always recommend you to buy it at the authorized retailer or store only.

  1. Make Sure that It Has Apple Standard Quality

Refurbished iPhone is the spoilage of Apple iPhone that has been analyzed and repaired by Apple. Then it is tested again and sold again with the lower price. So, the quality must be same. On the other words, it has Apple standard quality. However, refurbished iPhone should be bought at the authorized refurbished Apple iPhone store.

  1. Understand the Warranty

Of course, it is very important to buy an Apple smartphone that is protected by warranty. However, there are some types of warranty. The highest warranty is authorized warranty from Apple. Besides that, there is also warranty from distributor. Even more, there is also store warranty where the warrant is from the store where you buy it. The length of the warranty is certainly different. However, I always recommend you to prioritize the authorized warranty from Apple, the manufacturer.

  1. Make Sure that It Offers Original Accessories

After you make sure that the Apple smartphone is original, now you also need to make sure that the accessories are also original. As we know, non-original accessories can cause problem on your iPhone. The accessories included in the box when you buy it usually include Charger, Ear-pods, battery, etc. It does not matter whether you buy a new iPhone or refurbished one because either of them is from Apple originally and protected by the manufacturer warranty.

How to Buy iPhone Online

Sometimes, buying online is easier. That is why there are many people who prefer buying online to buying on store. You can also buy iPhone via online. However, of course you must be careful. So, you must follow these rules:

  1. Buy on a Trusted Online Store

Firstly, you have to make sure that you only buy it on a trusted online store. You can see it from the popularity. Make sure that the online store also offers warranty or refund so that if the product is not appropriate, you can return it and the money will be refund.

  1. Decide the Condition of Your Desired iPhone

Secondly, you must decide the iPhone condition. I suggest you to buy the new one. However, you can also consider buying refurbished or even used iPhone. However, the condition should be still good and guaranteed.

  1. Ask for Warranty

You must read the product details as careful as possible. Make sure that the product you buy is protected by warranty. You also need to see the review from the buyers whether they are satisfied or not.

That is all the tips and buying guides of iPhone that you have to know. This can keep you away from deception. Hopefully, you will also be satisfied by getting what you need. So, whenever you want to buy Apple iPhone, you have to pay attention to those tips.

iPhone 8 should be bought carefully whether you want to buy the new or used one. You should also be more careful when buying online.